Here at Crest, we love getting together for social events to develop team co-operation. Last Friday, a number of our staff members met at Howzat Newcastle for a friendly game of indoor soccer.

Teams were divided based on their shirts – light colours and dark colours. With 6 to each side, competition was fierce with everyone fighting for a goal.

With a few trips and bumps, the game came to a close with the light shirts winning 20-15. Julie Sponberg, part of the new business team at Crest, was the official scorer to ensure the results weren’t compromised.

Paraplanner Richard Ryan was named Player of the Match for his consistent effort and will to win.

A big thank you to Laura Palombini and the social committee for organising the event. The game was a great team bonding exercise and a fantastic way to end a busy week assisting our clients with all their financial needs.