Crest Mortgages and Finance provides a holistic approach to personal and business finance. We service the Hunter, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Central Coast providing a range of professional services including:

If you’re thinking of purchasing your own home, there are a number of things to consider before you start looking for a property to buy. For example, ensuring you can afford a home loan is necessary before you jump into the housing market. At Crest Mortgages and Finance, we will listen to your needs, discuss the current market with you and advise you on the options available. Whether it is your first home or a new home, our personal service, knowledge and experience will be invaluable to you. Finding the correct mortgage broker is important; a property is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime. Having an experienced broker from Crest Mortgages and Finance on your side will make a potentially complicated process easy. Call one of our team members on (02) 4929 2552 to begin the home loan process now.

For many Australians, investment properties are a popular route to wealth. Sensible investments in property have many benefits, as it can be less volatile than shares (though not always), and it tends to be regarded as a safe haven when other assets are declining in value. It also has the potential to generate capital growth, has many tax advantages associated with negative gearing, and can assist in diversifying your investment portfolio. The mortgage brokers at Crest Mortgages and Finance can help you source the right property in a variety of locations in the Hunter area which have good prospects for capital growth. Our talented brokers will save you time, money and stress, and will save you from making an ill-informed investment decision. Speak to the friendly team at Crest Mortgaging and Finance on (02) 4929 2552 today and start thinking about your future in investing.

In many ways, self-managed super funds (SMSFs) work in the same way regular super funds do. Your SMSF can buy real estate by borrowing money through a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA). The trustee then uses those funds to purchase a single asset to be held in a separate trust. SMSF loans can be complicated, but at Crest Mortgages and Finance we specialise in advanced borrowing techniques that power your superannuation growth, with less hassles. We’re here to simplify the process to help you find the best lending solution. If you need a helping hand with your SMSF or LRBA, call Crest Mortgages and Finance on (02) 4929 2552 today, and speak to one of the friendly team members.

You may be wondering, what is construction finance? It is a specific type of loan required when building a new home (including re-building). A construction loan is used during the building process, as it allows you to draw down funds in stages as your new home is being built. At Crest Mortgages and Finance, we believe that each project and borrower is unique, which is why we provide advocacy services to clients across the spectrum of the development industry, from large developers to smaller independent investors. We can find you a loan that will cost you less, provide you with maximum financial benefit and maximum flexibility. Speak to one of the friendly team members at Crest Mortgages and Finance today on (02) 4929 2552, and we will source the appropriate construction loan to assist you in making your dream a reality.

Equipment finance is used to purchase new or used equipment for your business. Whatever your business needs, Crest Mortgages and Finance can help you get on track – anything from farm and agricultural equipment and new computers to catering equipment and office furniture.  One of the great benefits of equipment finance is that what you purchase can be used as collateral, so you won’t have to use your property as security. Another benefit is that financing your equipment frees up your capital, so you can use it towards your business growth. If you need advice on equipment finance, contact the Crest Mortgages and Finance team on (02) 4929 2552 today, and let us take care of the paperwork and negotiations while you focus on running your business.

How can a commercial loan help you and your business moving forward? Commercial loans are granted to assist businesses with short-term funding needs for operational costs or the purchase of equipment to facilitate the operating process. Some of the things considered by lenders when you apply for finance include your length of time in business, your credit rating, the loan amount and more. At Crest Mortgages and Finance, we take the time to understand each individual commercial loan so that we can provide you and your business with tailor made solutions. We think outside the box to solve complex funding issues, and to simplify the jargon associated with the process. Don’t take the risk of applying for a commercial loan to the wrong lender and having your application knocked back – call Crest Mortgages and Finance on (02) 4929 2552 and have your application completed and approved in no time.

Having trouble paying back a loan? You’re not alone! Many people prefer to concentrate on what they own, rather than what they owe, so debt has become a part of the modern world in which we live. Debt consolidation is the process of replacing several separate loans with one new loan. For example, you may have an existing home loan, a car loan and some credit card debt. A new loan (secured against your home) is taken out. This effectively pays out these three debts and then continues to operate as a normal home loan. It is important to note that debt consolidation does not work for everyone. Before deciding if it is the right option for you, seek advice from a friendly team member at Crest Mortgages and Finance to ensure it is the best option for your personal needs. Call now on (02) 4929 2552, and get rid of your debt today!

Cash flow, put simply, is the money that flows in and out of a bank account. Yet, very few people know where their money goes, and even less have set goals of saving or investing a certain proportion of each pay cheque. Cash flow is a major factor in keeping a business running and many businesses have failed because of poor cash flow management practices.  With proper management of your cash flow, you can pinpoint where you are overspending. This can in turn assist you in re-evaluating to move you into a better position where you can create surplus funds. For assistance in managing your cash flow, call Crest Mortgages and Finance today on (02) 4929 2552 and get your spending in order.