‘I conquered Kozzie on Aussie Day’

To celebrate Australia Day, Thredbo has a weekend of iconic Australian celebrations headlined by the annual ‘I conquered Kozzie on Aussie Day’ walk to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko (the top of Australia) and enjoy Australia’s highest Australia Day BBQ.

Mount Kosciuszko is Australia’s highest mountain, at 2,228 metres above sea level.  It is located on the main range of the Snowy Mountains in Kosciuszko National Park, part of the Australian Alps National Parks in New South Wales.

This year saw Richard and his friend Kira embarking on the 13km hike (5 hour round trip) which started at Eagles Nest (top of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift in Thredbo).

With the fresh, crisp air in their lungs they meandered along the rocky trail enjoying the scenery and passing wild flowers in bloom above the snowline.  At Rawson Pass (just below the summit) they enjoyed a well earned BBQ lunch followed by hiking the remaining 1.6km to reach the summit of Mt Kosciuszko and absorbing the 360 views of the wild Kosciuszko National Park before making the journey back to Thredbo village.

Well done Richard and Kira!


Ready. Aim. Fire.


Australia Day also saw Suzie and her partner Simon enjoy the great opportunity of firing the guns at Fort Scratchley.

Fort Scratchley was built in 1882 to defend Newcastle against a possible Russian attack. However, its guns were not fired in anger until 8th June 1942, during the shelling of Newcastle by a Japanese submarine.  The Australian Army vacated the Fort in 1972.

This thrilling opportunity to fire the guns was offered to Simon in gratitude for his recent assistance to the Historical Society.  Simon was invited to fire the 6 inch Mk VII No 1 gun at the 11am firing, followed by the opportunity to fire the 25lb Field Gun.  Suzie was then also invited to fire the 25lb Field Gun.

The Fort has two British made 6 inch Mk VII guns installed as the main armament.  These guns were installed in 1911.

The two Mk VII guns were the only coastal artillery to engage an enemy during any period of Australia’s WW2 history.  Nowadays, the guns are only fired at ceremonial events and as a salute to departing cruise ships from Newcastle Harbour.

The British Ordnance 25lb Filed Gun came into service in 1940 and remained the British army’s primary artillery field piece well into the 1960’s.

Both Simon and Suzie were delighted with the experience that only a select few can boast about.